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Cartus Launches Innovative Small Shipment Solution: MicroMove

DANBURY, Conn., Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cartus Corporation, a Realogy Company and the market leader in global mobility, today announced the company’s latest innovative product offering: MicroMoveSM—a solution to the growing volume of U.S. domestic transferees who have less than 5,000 pounds of household goods. 

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The trend is clear: over the past 10 years, the number of smaller shipments (approximately 3 rooms or less) has increased by nearly a quarter. Today, more than 4 out of 10 shipments are under 5,000 pounds, with an average weight of approximately 2,500 pounds.

Historically, smaller shipments had a multitude of factors that could complicate the transferee’s relocation experience. Smaller shipments require the moving truck to make more stops to reach capacity. This increases the likelihood of mishandling a shipment as well as the amount of time it takes for belongings to arrive at the destination. Pinpointing the delivery times is also challenging, which can cause unnecessary stress and headaches for transferees.

With Cartus’ dedication to provide both clients and customers with innovative solutions to meet changing marketplace demands, the new product from Cartus, MicroMove, has been proven to:

  • Expedite transit times
  • Minimize claims
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Simplify pricing for Cartus clients

In a typical MicroMove scenario, the transferee’s households goods are padded, wrapped, and sealed into their own individual container. At that point, all touch points occur at the container level, reducing accidental damage and subsequent claims. The contents are not handled again until they are delivered and unpacked by the local moving company at the date and time of the transferee’s choosing. Containerization also ensures quicker, more efficient transportation as moving vans are not stopping to pack and unpack shipments at other households along the way.

Key findings from the successful MicroMove pilot program—which Cartus implemented in Q2 2019—include:

  • 98% customer satisfaction – higher satisfaction based on customer’s ability to lock in specific load and delivery dates
  • 97% claims-free moves – thanks to reduced handling, no co-mingling of shipments, and no warehouse handling
  • 80% reduction in average claim amounts – compared to non-MicroMove small shipments
  • 1.5 fewer days in interim housing – reducing temporary living costs thanks to shorter transit schedules
  • FREE service enhancements – such as up-to-30 days of guaranteed storage

Moreover, MicroMove customers enjoyed all of the above benefits while clients realized an average savings of 7%—with the smallest shipments seeing savings of more than $1,200 (30%) compared to full-service van line moves.

"The latest innovative product from Cartus, MicroMove, is our solution for small shipments. After a successful pilot, we are focused on launching the product immediately for all eligible moves," commented Mike Brannan, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Broker Services. "Urban–to-urban moves are on the rise as well as an overall trend of transferees moving fewer household goods. The MicroMove program is custom-built for those situations."

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