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Under Our Roof with Maryanne Frake

June 10, 2024

Meet Maryanne Frake: A Tale of Resilience and Real Estate

In the heart of Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, stands a testament to resilience: a home that has weathered storms and emerged stronger, much like its owner, Maryanne Frake. For over two decades, Maryanne has used her expertise in software engineering to shape the real estate landscape one transaction at a time.

But Maryanne’s connection to real estate goes beyond her professional contributions. For her, it is a personal journey filled with challenges faced, battles won, and heartwarming moments.

In 2011, the journey to her real estate investment began with a dream: to recreate the idyllic beach memories of her childhood for her son. Maryanne’s quest led her to Manahawkin, Long Beach Island, where she found a slice of paradise just ten minutes from the shore. This haven, with its inviting dock, became the backdrop for countless family adventures, a sanctuary where laughter echoed, and memories were etched in the sands of time.



When Natural Chaos Ensues

The Family’s primary home, located in Morrisville Pennsylvania assumed a new purpose as an investment rental property while Maryanne and her family enjoy the sun rays offered from the Long Island property. Being over an hour away, Maryanne leaned on her brother, a general contractor, to help maintain the property.

She used rental sites to help list the property and schedule the showings. She even hired a landscaper to keep up the outside appearance, curb appeal, and relieve her tenants of the frequent maintenance. Additionally, Maryanne has not raised the rent for her tenants – a rare, but generous act.

Then came Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a maelstrom that left Maryanne’s beachside retreat submerged under two feet of water. But where some saw ruin, Maryanne saw an opportunity. With her brother by her side, she navigated the reconstruction, transforming calamity into creation. The home was not just restored but reborn, elevated above the flood zone, and redesigned in a Cape Cod style.



Today, as Maryanne’s son steps into adulthood, the beach house remains a symbol of the family’s journey. It is a place where Maryanne and her husband, alongside their two rescue dogs, continue to create moments that will last a lifetime. Maryanne Frake’s story is more than a chronicle of real estate; it is a narrative of unwavering spirit, a reminder that with resilience and heart, we can turn the tides of fate in our favor.

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