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Under Our Roof With Paula Young

August 19, 2023

When Paula Young, or “Paula for the People,” as she is affectionately known by her colleagues, and a 17-year Anywhere veteran says she knows about a good deal, listen up. From buying, selling, and leasing properties, she has learned to make the most of the resources Anywhere provides. 

“We have value right here at our fingertips and more employees should lean into that for simple and seamless home transactions and to save money,” says Paula. When it comes to purchasing a home, the journey is just as important as the destination. Finding the right agent to navigate the vast terrain of real estate is essential for success.   

Paula emphasizes how simple the process was by contacting the then-named “Realogy Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP)”, and she would know given the fact that she has experience purchasing a home prior to joining Anywhere. “The REAP Coordinator connected me with a top tier certified local real estate agent of my choice after giving me options throughout all the brands,” she said. “From there, an agent contacted me right away.  

Paula found her agent to be knowledgeable, guiding her through the entire process of finding the perfect home and assisting with all aspects of the transaction until the final close. To enhance her home-buying experience, Paula used Guarantee Rate Mortgage as her lending company and Anywhere Integrated Services for her home insurance. 

Years later, Paula reached out to the same agent to sell her home and find a turnkey rental in the interim. Their relationship, nurtured over almost two decades, had grown to become like family. She relied on her agent’s continuous support when it came time to assist her yet again in her latest home find during the pandemic. 

“The second time I used REAP to purchase a home was during the pandemic. It was seamless and beautiful. The nice perk of all the resources was the rebates and the cash-back credit. There are a lot of great discounts! I received huge savings with each transaction. It’s like a ’white glove’ experience being an Anywhere Employee. I felt like I had a partner and advocate throughout the entire process.” 


Power of Homeownership and its Influence on Perspective 

What does home ownership mean to Paula? Owning a home for her is empowering, enables a sense of pride, and gives her an opportunity to create generational wealth for her daughter. 

“I feel like I have a legacy to uphold and leave to my daughter,” Paula said, “As an organization, we have a tremendous opportunity to educate and bring the power of home ownership to Black and brown communities.” 

Making homeownership accessible is a mission that Anywhere actively pursues on multiple fronts. Paula feels strongly about telling people how they can unlock the potential of financial independence the moment they put the key in the door of their new appreciating asset. 

For employees who are interested in purchasing a home, but don’t know where to start, Paula says start with education. “Take a free homebuying course to learn everything about home buying. Save your money and use the resources Anywhere provides!” 

Outside of work, Paula enjoys quality time with her daughter, family, and friends, whether it’s going out for dinner, watching movies, or simply lounging on the patio of her beautiful home.   


Where to Find Anywhere Home Buying Resources 

Learn more about the Anywhere Real Estate Employee Benefits Program here. 


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